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I Would Never Die

When I am gone,
Do not cry a river,
When my time is done,
I won’t leave you, never.

You would find me in places,
But not in the smiles you see,
You would best know me in graces,
But not in the stories of many.

I am in every word I write,
Every line and every piece of art,
There I live, there I fight
For truth be divulged and marked.

So if you see me lying,
Do not call me dead,
I would never die through writing
If you dove the deepest and read.

Life truly is making sandcastle,
Blown by the winds of change and vanished,
But the word penned from joy and battle
Is eternity that’s lived and cherished.

I sincerely dedicate this poem to everyone especially to all writers out there. Writers cannot die! Keep writing writers which means- keep inspiring, keep motivating, keep transforming, keep educating, and others. And to those who aspire to become one, you may have that sleeping giant waiting. Try to wake that up. I cannot wait to see you putting your thoughts into words. I believe you can!