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Five Things We Should Leave This Year

If we have things learned from our experiences this year, we also have things to banish in order to become better and wiser in the coming years. Below is the list of things one should stop doing before embarking on a new chapter.

1. Don’t give in to assumptions to avoid getting into trouble. Most of them are wrong. Seek the truth and deal with it professionally no matter how facts slap you in the face.

2. Don’t fret about people judging your unchanged imperfections. You are not winning the crowd; you are loving your soul.

3. Stop being condescending towards others. Don’t consider yourself best at something no matter how knowledgeable you seem. Regard yourself as a student in every circumstance learning from every person you meet regardless of his/her perspective. Be humble.

4. Don’t try to save friends who are there only to get advantage from you. You are not things to be used only when they need you. You are what you are created to be. A human! Distance yourself from them as soon as possible. Saving them would utterly make you less of a person. You don’t deserve varnished truth.

5. If you desire a rose without thorns, you are not living a life in reality. Stop wanting that! Bitter things are doomed to happen to let you taste the sweetness of life. Storms, deaths, accidents, rejections, and failures take place to provide more rooms for lessons and growth. Take them as a fuel to do better and become better.

I’d like to extend my immeasurable thanks to the people here on WP- friends, followers, and reading audience. Thank you for your support on my writings and for being part of my writing quest. Despite any turmoil that left us feeling deflated, we are still blessed because we have reached this far. This is worth rejoicing. I wish everyone a new year filled with hope, sanity, joy, love, and abundance.

Unboxing the Present

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.”

Experiencing what our hearts least desire at the moment can make us view the words above differently. The likelihood of disbelieving the present as a gift in the face of adversity is high. It is because we give much more importance to what is going on in us than what is outside of us. It is unquestionably right, but allowing ourselves to be blindfolded by the things around us until we become less appreciative of them should never be a part of an option.

Almost every one of us is susceptible to defeats. We all lose our balance and weaken our magnitude at specific points in our lives. This causes us to carry emotional baggage and ultimately leads us to discontentment in the present moment. I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with sinking into the valley of gloom, but showing gratefulness for the simple things we have been blessed with should be a great choice. It is essential that everyone pay heed to himself/herself; however, one of the keys to loving more and taking better care of oneself besides looking inward is by looking outward. Look around. Go spare a little moment. Talk with people whom you hold dear and who love you. Feel the breeze as it brushes your skin giving you renewed energy. Watch as the sun or the moon beams down as beacons lighting your path at your darkest. These little things that are frequently overlooked enormously contribute to living in the present and making life more meaningful. We are dots in a vast circle, but the moment we price ourselves and our loved ones with immense value would mean the bigger world to us. This life we have now is worthy of gratitude. Only by living in the “now” and appreciating it could we regard this time as priceless.

None of us is exempted from wishes. We all have them. We wish things went the way we wanted for us to feel better. We said not-so-good things to someone and we wish we hadn’t done it. We wish someone could fill the missing pieces within us, but we only felt someone’s presence right after knowing that it was too late. We also wish we could save ourselves from losing who we really are sooner than we did because we loved someone too much. Although all of these become parts of history, the scars that are engraved on us cannot be hidden nevertheless. They are there. The same is true with our past. No matter how we want to bury it, we are not able and will not be able to do it. It is part of us. If there is one thing we can bring from the past to the present, it will be the learnings evoked from the experiences that are etched on our hearts and minds.

On the other hand, we also have hopes. We hope our imagination comes to life the way we envisage it. We hope to have all the possessions we dream of. We hope to become the better person we are capable of becoming in the near future. Seeing ourselves in the next five years or so and putting much hard work, perseverance, and consistency into our efforts to live the life we want would serve as a blueprint as we march towards greatness. But what if we are so engrossed in working for our goals in life that we miss out on checking on our loved ones when all they need is our time and attention. What if we are so driven to all the schedules that we become less empathic to our close friend who is on the verge of giving up because all we think is ourselves. What if we are so busy pursuing our career that we almost forget to look after ourselves when it almost costs our physical health because we are so focused on our future. These are instances that already happened and are more likely to happen when we think too much about the future.

If there is a solitary place everyone should reside, it will be the boundary between what was and what will be. Living in the past or in the future would haunt us and preclude us from seeing the things we should be grateful for and the people we should be grateful to. No matter how our present appears to some, we are not as unfortunate as we think. We have come this far which clearly substantiates that we receive a blessing every single day. A gift everyone could lose or receive. Let us all be thankful for today because not everyone is as privileged as us to face this moment. Let us be present in the present. Let us unbox and value this gift and be amazed at how blessed we are.

Ignoring is Saving

“The more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can say yes to the things that do.”

As I age, I learn to redirect my focus to what truly counts. When dogs bark at me, I convince myself to value meaningful things instead of getting distracted by them. Judgments are always there regardless of how good you are in the eyes of the majority. Having understood that so deeply, I have become more mindless of folly. I have turned into a braver person I never thought I could. I have learned the easier way and that is to take a little moment and ask myself. Is it normal to bite a dog when I am bitten? Is a dog worth throwing stones at?

Less often than not, we give in because we want to join the battle of egos to prove to others and to ourselves as well that we are not worth giving a f*ck. But little do we know that the more we immerse ourselves in it, the battle becomes more unwinnable. At times, leaving our thoughts unspoken and saying no when necessary is never a weakness. It is wisdom. Think of an instance when you fretted about your actions because you had attended to one’s judgment. Were you able to make good use of your time? And did you manage to do things on your priority list? Entertaining the least important ones will not make the most. Let us all remember that not every person is worthy of our attention. Not every person is worthy of our time and our energy. Let us not waste our saliva on someone who is not worth kissing. Let us not.

Indeed, saving our own resources for things that matter is of enormous help towards running our day or actualizing our dreams. Although it can be too upsetting to hear criticisms from people, keeping our mouth shut and refusing to react is sometimes the best response. Hence, let us discern which path is best to take. Let us go for a battle that is worth fighting. A battle that brings us closer to our goals. A battle that adds more value to our life. And a battle that makes us a better person every single day. Let us choose a great battle!

Never Too Late

At times, we need to reassess ourselves- our dreams, our habits, our viewpoints and our core. And yeah, it is never too late to dream of something others find impossible. Never too late to replace our mundane hobbies with more productive ones. Never too late to do away with the negative perspective. Never too late to get rid of the things that do not matter in the end. It is never too late to start something new regardless of how old we are and how bad we were. 

When our bad parts outweigh the good ones, then change. Only then you would get to know the most important person in front of the mirror. 

A beautiful soul,
A ray of light,
A blessing from above, 
The most precious gift. 

So, make a change! Better yourself! It is never too late. Never too late.