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These Three Words

If you were to ask me questions, I would not give you all the answers. But there’s one thing I can say and I’m sure of.

You pierced something into my heart and it left a scar.

It’s not something I can hide.

It’s not something I can bury to forget.

But it’s something I’m not afraid of showing.

It’s something I can’t regret telling that

This scar is as beautiful as the one reading.

Maybe the world just took its time. Maybe the world just bolstered this courage to tell you these three words.




Filling Our Cup

How much love is pouring,
Into a treasure so valuable,
How much love is getting,
From a state inexplicable.

We’ve shed the same tears,
Sharing grins of delight,
We’ve feared the same fears,
Triumphing the same fight.

Cherishing the coldness of the night,
Let’s wrap ourselves around,
Filling our cup with a love just right,
Getting lost and be found.

Nothing could be as sweet,
As two hearts giving and receiving,
Waiting for years and now I meet,
An everyday gift worth opening.

A Love So True and Different

As my eyes meet yours,
Our world does fade,
Noticing no detours,
Nothing’s against what’s made.

Residing deep within,
Our hearts racing and embracing,
Can stand loving and living in,
A luxury worth keeping.

I am now in you,
In the beauty of your flaws,
As you are to me,
In the victory despite my loss.

There’s no way out,
For a love so true and different,
Oneness leaves no doubt,
For fate believes we are meant.

Transient Therapy

Brought together by chance,
This conjunction’s not an accident,
At you, I smile and glance,
Believing all these are meant.

On top of the world, you’re shining
Despite your trials and tribulations,
I can’t waste this moment witnessing
For tomorrow will all be illusions.

My looking at you from afar,
I wish you wouldn’t mind,
Your beauty’s radiating and you are,
As alluring as you is so hard to find.

Your illumination’s my transient therapy,
Shedding on every darkness, on each,
Now I’m glad we’re near finally,
But sad for you’re beyond my reach.

Let My Pen Cry Out

Why could I not think of someone
When someone remains a memory,
Why could I not fall in love with someone
When only she accepts me as me.

So long have I been waiting
For the time when we could meet halfway,
My heart’s skipping a beat, but I’m just dreaming,
So I’ll never hope it will be.

If only writing could bury my feeling,
I wouldn’t be tired of hiding it anyway,
But it couldn’t be happening, not happening,
My thoughts of you still stay.

Only my paper knows
The dreary pang and the heavy burden I carry,
Nothing but only it, it shows
The tears that flow through me.

So I let my pen cry out
Until it runs out of tears,
I let my paper be torn out
Until this enigmatic feeling disappears.