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Leave Something For Your Own

Sometimes those bleeding,
Heal wounds in deep pain,
Sometimes those hearts ripping,
Fill someone’s void to remain.

Tears falling down in silence,
While laughing the loudest,
Feeling lost in the moment’s presence,
While helping to find those at darkest.

Standing as so-and-so’s shoulder,
Manifests a gesture of kindness,
But giving yourselves a love lesser,
Is near to living in nothingness.

Spread benevolence to others,
But leave something for your own,
Loving ourselves saves and matters,
Never abandon them all alone.

Five Things We Should Leave This Year

If we have things learned from our experiences this year, we also have things to banish in order to become better and wiser in the coming years. Below is the list of things one should stop doing before embarking on a new chapter.

1. Don’t give in to assumptions to avoid getting into trouble. Most of them are wrong. Seek the truth and deal with it professionally no matter how facts slap you in the face.

2. Don’t fret about people judging your unchanged imperfections. You are not winning the crowd; you are loving your soul.

3. Stop being condescending towards others. Don’t consider yourself best at something no matter how knowledgeable you seem. Regard yourself as a student in every circumstance learning from every person you meet regardless of his/her perspective. Be humble.

4. Don’t try to save friends who are there only to get advantage from you. You are not things to be used only when they need you. You are what you are created to be. A human! Distance yourself from them as soon as possible. Saving them would utterly make you less of a person. You don’t deserve varnished truth.

5. If you desire a rose without thorns, you are not living a life in reality. Stop wanting that! Bitter things are doomed to happen to let you taste the sweetness of life. Storms, deaths, accidents, rejections, and failures take place to provide more rooms for lessons and growth. Take them as a fuel to do better and become better.

I’d like to extend my immeasurable thanks to the people here on WP- friends, followers, and reading audience. Thank you for your support on my writings and for being part of my writing quest. Despite any turmoil that left us feeling deflated, we are still blessed because we have reached this far. This is worth rejoicing. I wish everyone a new year filled with hope, sanity, joy, love, and abundance.

Icons of Greatest Influence

Searching for answer, I traveled to places with the hope to find who has the greatest influence of all. I bumped into Family and immediately asked him. He replied, “Parents.” Because I was not content with the answer, I looked for another whom I could ask. I met Community and asked him the icon of greatest influence and he responded with a perfunctory smile, “Mayors.” I thanked and smiled back at him. Their answers were great. However, there was still a part of me that untiringly longed for the best response. My drive to know the answer went a long way. I journeyed to a known distant land with the continuous yearning and there I got to know Country. Without much delay, I asked him. I stood still with utter excitement studying his face for a word to come out. He gazed into my eyes and countered, “President.” “Thank you,” I said. His answer was correct and I fully respected it, but I was still looking for the best. “How about the world as a whole,” I pondered.

I headed back home hoping that one day, I would meet the right person who could answer me with what I’ve wanted for so long. I arrived at my house and hurriedly went to the sink to wash my horrible face after the long quest. Thereafter, I got the towel to wipe the trace of exhaustion left and I looked at myself in the mirror. All of a sudden, my towel fell off while I was shocked to see World. “Hey, my friend Dann,” he said. At that time, I couldn’t utter even a single word. I convinced myself to take the chance to talk to him. “Y-y-e-s,” I replied. “I know you’re tired, but I am here to help you,” he said. “Oh, that’s very kind of you. Could you tell me who has the greatest influence of all,” I asked. World responded with conviction, “Haven’t you seen yourself in the mirror? It’s you, my friend. A teacher! Teachers!” I looked at myself in the mirror again while World was completely out of sight. My colleague touched my shoulder and said, “You have a booked class.”

After conducting classes on that day, I realized that teachers are truly the icons of greatest influence. Besides the noblest professionals, teachers create all other professions. Additionally, they are contributors as they mold future generations, but more so stand as the heart of recovery in the realm of education especially in these trying times. It is said that when someone asks why anyone would ever become a teacher, remind them why it’s worth it. Every job has its ups and downs, but not every job can change a life. Without question, teaching is one of the most grueling jobs; however, it is one of the most fulfilling ones- one that can touch lives and change lives. Indeed, everyone needs teachers whom s/he can bank on. Teachers are embodiments of significance and influence. Hence, they deserve the highest accolade for their meritorious service to the family, community, country, and the world as a whole. They are worthy. They are icons of greatest influence. They are the best. They are TEACHERS! Happy World Teachers’ Day!