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Am I Alone

As the sun moved over the horizon,I walked along the shore;Going out for an odd reason,Wanting to ask myself more. Am I a desert islandWhich, for good, stands on its own;Am I insane from a remote landWho journeys to the unknown. It wasn’t until I’d looked downThat I found someone walked with me;In great surprise, … Continue reading Am I Alone

Uniquely Designed

I’d rather be aloneThan follow the crowd and get lost in it;I’d better be on my ownThan feel fed up if I don’t fit. What is going with the streamIf it means feigning in the end;Valiant, it may seem, I’m not afraid to defend. So don’t change yourself only to belong, Music’s still art when it’s out … Continue reading Uniquely Designed


Why could I not think of someoneWhen someone remains a memory;Why could I not fall in love with someoneWhen only she accepts me as me. So long have I been waitingFor the time when we could meet halfway;My heart’s skipping a beat, but I’m just dreaming,So I’ll never hope it will be. If only writing … Continue reading LET MY PEN CRY OUT

The Most Important Things

Twenty-three years of bittersweet life passed yet another one unfolds. And I’m more than richly blessed now because God gives me another story to write and another life to live. Today, I just want to share a message of how grateful I am to make this far. I went to a mall in Mandaue City, … Continue reading The Most Important Things

Unfathomable Silence

“Speak less, listen more, ” the wise author advised. Those words are more than just being written because everytime I want to speak up, they always hold me back. They somehow pierce my soul. They always reverberate in my mind. This experience kept me close to being mute.  There was one time when a lecturer … Continue reading Unfathomable Silence

Never Too Late

At times, we need to reassess ourselves- our dreams, our habits, our viewpoints and our core. And yeah, it’s never too late to dream of something others find impossible. Never too late to replace our mundane hobbies with more productive ones. Never too late to do away with the negative perspective. Never too late to … Continue reading Never Too Late

Silver Lining of Struggles

These days, we have been facing abrupt disaster that utterly engendered increase of death tolls and downturn of economy. Many countries around the world, whether well-off or impoverished, are tested. However, despite these changes, relationships are strengthened. This undeniably substantiates that silver lining appears in every cloud. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought us deep sadness … Continue reading Silver Lining of Struggles

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Gate to Unraveling Life's MyStories

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