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These Three Words

If you were to ask me questions, I would not give you all the answers. But there’s one thing I can say and I’m sure of. You pierced something into my heart and it left a scar. It’s not something I can hide. It’s not something I can bury to forget. But it’s something I’m … Continue reading These Three Words

Leave Something For Your Own

Sometimes those bleeding,Heal wounds in deep pain,Sometimes those hearts ripping,Fill someone’s void to remain. Tears falling down in silence,While laughing the loudest,Feeling lost in the moment’s presence,While helping to find those at darkest. Standing as so-and-so’s shoulder,Manifests a gesture of kindness,But giving yourselves a love lesser,Is near to living in nothingness. Spread benevolence to others,But … Continue reading Leave Something For Your Own

Filling Our Cup

How much love is pouring,Into a treasure so valuable,How much love is getting,From a state inexplicable. We’ve shed the same tears,Sharing grins of delight,We’ve feared the same fears,Triumphing the same fight. Cherishing the coldness of the night,Let’s wrap ourselves around,Filling our cup with a love just right,Getting lost and be found. Nothing could be as … Continue reading Filling Our Cup

A Love So True and Different

As my eyes meet yours,Our world does fade,Noticing no detours,Nothing’s against what’s made. Residing deep within,Our hearts racing and embracing,Can stand loving and living in,A luxury worth keeping. I am now in you,In the beauty of your flaws,As you are to me,In the victory despite my loss. There’s no way out,For a love so true … Continue reading A Love So True and Different

Unboxing the Present

“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” Experiencing what our hearts least desire at the moment can make us view the words above differently. The likelihood of disbelieving the present as a gift in the face of adversity is high. It is because we give … Continue reading Unboxing the Present

Ignoring is Saving

“The more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can say yes to the things that do.” As I age, I learn to redirect my focus to what truly counts. When dogs bark at me, I convince myself to value meaningful things instead of getting distracted by them. Judgments are … Continue reading Ignoring is Saving

Transient Therapy

Brought together by chance,This conjunction’s not an accident,At you, I smile and glance,Believing all these are meant. On top of the world, you’re shiningDespite your trials and tribulations,I can’t waste this moment witnessingFor tomorrow will all be illusions. My looking at you from afar,I wish you wouldn’t mind,Your beauty’s radiating and you are,As alluring as … Continue reading Transient Therapy

I Would Never Die

When I am gone,Do not cry a river,When my time is done,I won’t leave you, never. You would find me in places,But not in the smiles you see,You would best know me in graces,But not in the stories of many. I am in every word I write,Every line and every piece of art,There I live, … Continue reading I Would Never Die


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