Filling Our Cup

How much love is pouring,
Into a treasure so valuable,
How much love is getting,
From a state inexplicable.

We’ve shed the same tears,
Sharing grins of delight,
We’ve feared the same fears,
Triumphing the same fight.

Cherishing the coldness of the night,
Let’s wrap ourselves around,
Filling our cup with a love just right,
Getting lost and be found.

Nothing could be as sweet,
As two hearts giving and receiving,
Waiting for years and now I meet,
An everyday gift worth opening.

6 thoughts on “Filling Our Cup”

  1. Just in time when I no longer know the feeling of being in love. This reminds me of how great love is.Truly, Love is wonderful when it is reciprocated.

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    1. For it is love when both of you share the same joy and adversity, when both neither give more nor less. Just enough to let each of you feel love and loved. Thank you, Anneli! Have a wondrous day! 😊💙

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