Ignoring is Saving

“The more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can say yes to the things that do.”

As I age, I learn to redirect my focus to what truly counts. When dogs bark at me, I convince myself to value meaningful things instead of getting distracted by them. Judgments are always there regardless of how good you are in the eyes of the majority. Having understood that so deeply, I have become more mindless of folly. I have turned into a braver person I never thought I could. I have learned the easier way and that is to take a little moment and ask myself. Is it normal to bite a dog when I am bitten? Is a dog worth throwing stones at?

Less often than not, we give in because we want to join the battle of egos to prove to others and to ourselves as well that we are not worth giving a f*ck. But little do we know that the more we immerse ourselves in it, the battle becomes more unwinnable. At times, leaving our thoughts unspoken and saying no when necessary is never a weakness. It is wisdom. Think of an instance when you fretted about your actions because you had attended to one’s judgment. Were you able to make good use of your time? And did you manage to do things on your priority list? Entertaining the least important ones will not make the most. Let us all remember that not every person is worthy of our attention. Not every person is worthy of our time and our energy. Let us not waste our saliva on someone who is not worth kissing. Let us not.

Indeed, saving our own resources for things that matter is of enormous help towards running our day or actualizing our dreams. Although it can be too upsetting to hear criticisms from people, keeping our mouth shut and refusing to react is sometimes the best response. Hence, let us discern which path is best to take. Let us go for a battle that is worth fighting. A battle that brings us closer to our goals. A battle that adds more value to our life. And a battle that makes us a better person every single day. Let us choose a great battle!

Transient Therapy

Brought together by chance,
This conjunction’s not an accident,
At you, I smile and glance,
Believing all these are meant.

On top of the world, you’re shining
Despite your trials and tribulations,
I can’t waste this moment witnessing
For tomorrow will all be illusions.

My looking at you from afar,
I wish you wouldn’t mind,
Your beauty’s radiating and you are,
As alluring as you is so hard to find.

Your illumination’s my transient therapy,
Shedding on every darkness, on each,
Now I’m glad we’re near finally,
But sad for you’re beyond my reach.

I Would Never Die

When I am gone,
Do not cry a river,
When my time is done,
I won’t leave you, never.

You would find me in places,
But not in the smiles you see,
You would best know me in graces,
But not in the stories of many.

I am in every word I write,
Every line and every piece of art,
There I live, there I fight
For truth be divulged and marked.

So if you see me lying,
Do not call me dead,
I would never die through writing
If you dove the deepest and read.

Life truly is making sandcastle,
Blown by the winds of change and vanished,
But the word penned from joy and battle
Is eternity that’s lived and cherished.

I sincerely dedicate this poem to everyone especially to all writers out there. Writers cannot die! Keep writing writers which means- keep inspiring, keep motivating, keep transforming, keep educating, and others. And to those who aspire to become one, you may have that sleeping giant waiting. Try to wake that up. I cannot wait to see you putting your thoughts into words. I believe you can!