Uniquely Designed

I’d rather be alone
Than follow the crowd and get lost in it,
I’d better be on my own
Than feel fed up if I don’t fit.

What is going with the stream
If it means feigning in the end,
Valiant, it may seem, 
I’m not afraid to defend.

So don’t change yourself only to belong, 
Music’s still art when it’s out of tune, 
Make a difference, prove them wrong,
Your time is right, it’s opportune. 

You’ve got to be real, uniquely designed,
No to the facade, you needn’t be in rhyme, 
You’re distinct, none of them can find, 
Greatness favors those who are different in time. 

7 thoughts on “Uniquely Designed”

    1. I’m happy that this blog brought glad tidings to you, Angel. May we not forget that we can still stand out from the crowd despite being flawed. And we don’t need to change anything. We are born to be real. We are all amazing. We are beautiful souls. We are uniquely designed.

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    1. Glad that my creation resonates with you, Jerry. That blog was made to inspire those who chose to embrace individuality and still continue to march towards greatness. 😊💙


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