Unfathomable Silence

“Speak less, listen more, ” the wise author advised. Those words are more than just being written because everytime I want to speak up, they always hold me back. They somehow pierce my soul. They always reverberate in my mind. This experience kept me close to being mute. 

There was one time when a lecturer disturbed the silence and asked, “Which one is better, a good communicator or a good listener?” One person replied, “Both.” “You’re correct!” the lecturer countered. Unbeknownst to them, I was skeptical about their views. I could hardly understand their responses. Thereafter, the lecturer added that it’s better to be a good listener than a good communicator. Their opinions mattered to me, but I wanted to argue behind my approval nod. So I gazed into the slide and expressed my viewpoint. 

“What the hell are you talking about? I couldn’t figure it out!”
“Seriously! Are you dreaming while waking up?”
“Or haven’t you drunk coffee all day?”

Gladly, I was talking to myself and did not use any of the those. My gorgeous friend beside me then asked, “Are you okay?” “Yes, I am, ” I responded. I was about to even speak less, but I couldn’t. Perhaps, it’s because I was poisoned by the author’s words. So I just let my silence be unfathomable. I continued conversing with these thoughts of mine. 

A good communicator can always be a good listener, but a good listener can’t always be a good communicator. By listening to someone, reacting to what he/she has said and subsequently understanding each other, that makes you a good communicator. Conversely, by merely and attentively listening to someone talking, that makes you a good listener- nothing more and nothing less. Well, I’d rather be a good communicator than a good listener. 

When the discussion was over, I realized that you can learn out from speaking less and listening more. But it’s not always the case. I became a good listener during that time which showed whom I was influenced by (my favorite author) and not who I really am, but I never regretted because I learned. The truth may be quite elusive, but there is a hidden message to decipher behind the esoteric words. Knowing the truth, it is best to be a good communicator. One who listens. One who speaks. And one who has the capability to understand and be understood. I guess that is enough for me.

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